Luxury Traveling to Ha Long Bay

In 1898, European travelers to Ha Long Bay reported that they saw an enormous sea snake swimming through the waters. From this came the Western idea of the Asia dragon, and in fact, Ha Long Bay is also known as the Bay of the Descending Dragons. To those in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam, though, the Bay represents a center of culture, of history, and of incredible biodiversity. No, you may not see any dragons gliding through the Bay, but you will experience unmatched beauty, endemic species, and hundreds of unique limestone islands. Ha Long Bay is still very much a magical place.

Vietnamese writer Nguyen Ngoc said of Ha Long Bay: “to form this first-rate wonder, nature only uses: Stone and Water… There are just only two materials themselves chosen from as much as materials, in order to write, to draw, to sculpt, to create everything… It is quite possible that here is the image of the future world.” And it would seem so if you looked at the 1969 limestone islands, limitless caves, and delicately balanced flora and fauna of the Bay, which feature both tropical and marine ecosystems. Because of the interest in the Ha Long Bay and a traditional recklessness regarding the balance of nature, the area has been degraded somewhat by human interaction.”

Interest in more eco-friendly tours has blossomed, and more and more hotels and agencies are offering these tours as a way to reduce the human impact on the fragile natural beauty while allowing visitors to experience and enjoy the Bay’s treasures. You can find and book tours with agencies that specialize in eco-friendly tourism. Even if you do not choose an “eco-friendly” tour, per se, you can still help protect the environment by taking basic steps, such as packing out any trash you take in and not taking “souvenirs” from caves and other natural landmarks. This degrades the caves and threatens the plant and animal life.

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Three Kinds of Business Traveller

Business travel is still one of the leading reasons people leave their home city, to visit other locations, either nearby or abroad. Although telecommunications has reduced some reasons to physically send people to meetings, in other instances there is no replacement for meeting in the flesh. Thus, hospitality businesses still get a significant quantity of revenue, and the business traveller is still an important part of the focus of the overall travel and tourism industry.

All business travellers need certain features, for example a reliable internet connection, and are likely to make use of the overnight dry cleaning for professional meetings the next day. Courted well, and you may even see them again as tourists too.

The Foot Soldier

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China Vacations – Luxury Travel to Beijing and Beyond

China vacations involve more than just travel to Beijing – the country has opened up over the past few years, and many of China’s secrets are now open to the west, even those on a Chinese vacation.

Vacations to China are becoming increasingly popular and a growing number of travel operators are offering China vacations at cut prices to those wanting to find out the secrets of the Orient that have been hidden from western eyes for so long. However, cheap vacations come at a price, if not in hard cash.

First, it is a long flight to China, and can be very uncomfortable if you are packed into a chartered plane seated to pack as many people in as possible so as to keep the costs low. There is nothing wrong with that if it is what you want, and most people are able to withstand the discomfort of little room to stretch out on a long haul flight. For others, however, it is a problem. Then there is the transport once your vacation has started. If you are sharing your holiday with 49 others, the needs of the average are catered for, and these might not be your needs.

The same is true of hotels that are chosen because they can offer the number of rooms needed to meet the needs of a large party, and the menu for many of the meals will be set to be easily cooked for a large number of people at the lowest possible cost. If these arrangements don’t appeal to you, what are your alternatives?

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