Email Marketing For Travel and Tourism

In the current hectic work environment, vacations are often pushed off simply because people don’t have the time to plan a vacation and mistakenly believe that a travel agent is too expensive. With the help of effective email marketing software, you can provide vacation opportunities and suggestions to a wide database without breaking your marketing budget. Email newsletters and reminder emails can ignite the imagination of thousands of possible clients and demonstrate how useful and essential your services are.

Email newsletters can address a variety of different ideas at once, thereby attracting a wider audience than a more focused and rigid marketing campaign. In a newsletter, you can discuss affordable family vacations and discount last minute getaways as well as highlight luxury destinations, thus reaching clients of all economic levels. In addition, you can use the newsletter to provide travel tips and interesting stories, making the newsletter a pleasure to read so that your communications are not only looked for in the barrage of emails but also passed on to others.

Email marketing software also allows you to put a personal touch to your current client list by sending reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, or other information that you may have collected over the years. Do you have a client that loves going to St. Thomas? Then send them a note when there is a discount of airfare or specials at their favorite hotel. Perhaps you have a client with a large family? Send an email about family friendly locations. By setting up your database, you won’t have to go through your client list and make out individual emails. The email marketing software can distinguish who gets which emails based on how you set up your initial database – allowing you to concentrate on your clients rather than on hand-crafting each and every one of your email marketing campaigns.

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Luxury Traveling to Ha Long Bay

In 1898, European travelers to Ha Long Bay reported that they saw an enormous sea snake swimming through the waters. From this came the Western idea of the Asia dragon, and in fact, Ha Long Bay is also known as the Bay of the Descending Dragons. To those in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam, though, the Bay represents a center of culture, of history, and of incredible biodiversity. No, you may not see any dragons gliding through the Bay, but you will experience unmatched beauty, endemic species, and hundreds of unique limestone islands. Ha Long Bay is still very much a magical place.

Vietnamese writer Nguyen Ngoc said of Ha Long Bay: “to form this first-rate wonder, nature only uses: Stone and Water… There are just only two materials themselves chosen from as much as materials, in order to write, to draw, to sculpt, to create everything… It is quite possible that here is the image of the future world.” And it would seem so if you looked at the 1969 limestone islands, limitless caves, and delicately balanced flora and fauna of the Bay, which feature both tropical and marine ecosystems. Because of the interest in the Ha Long Bay and a traditional recklessness regarding the balance of nature, the area has been degraded somewhat by human interaction.”

Interest in more eco-friendly tours has blossomed, and more and more hotels and agencies are offering these tours as a way to reduce the human impact on the fragile natural beauty while allowing visitors to experience and enjoy the Bay’s treasures. You can find and book tours with agencies that specialize in eco-friendly tourism. Even if you do not choose an “eco-friendly” tour, per se, you can still help protect the environment by taking basic steps, such as packing out any trash you take in and not taking “souvenirs” from caves and other natural landmarks. This degrades the caves and threatens the plant and animal life.

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Medical Travel and Emergency Evacuation

With the technology and standards of healthcare industry rising globally, more and more people are looking at medical tourism as a lucrative solution to solve their problems. The rising popularity of medical travel can be directly traced to the incredibly high costs of medicinal services and never ending waiting lists for some procedures in many countries. The concept of medical travel heads back to ancient times when Greek pilgrims would travel to a small town called Epidauria for medical treatment. Towns with hot water springs were also considered medicinal tourism destinations whereas today, countries with well established medical industry including state-of-the-art facilities (hospitals & clinics), and proficient doctors are leading the way in the health-related tourism industry.

Though tourists seeking health related services come from all over the world but the citizens from Western countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East countries constitute largely to it. The most understandable advantage for medical tourists is a dramatic savings in cost of medical procedures. Individuals who cannot afford health related insurance are simply left with no choice but to travel abroad for a low lost medical procedure. Furthermore, certain procedures such as orthopedic surgeries, knee & hip replacements are now often covered in routine health insurances. It is estimated that nearly 45 million Americans are currently uninsured, which creates a huge market for people needing affordable health related services.

Amongst most expensive coronary bypass surgeries to mundane dental treatments, healthcare tourism is making a lot of sense as the same work can be done at a fraction of cost at therapeutic tourism destinations like Costa Rica, India and Thailand. All medical treatments abroad can help you be prepared for extreme emergencies during your international trip.

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