A Major European Center For Business and Tourism

The beauty of Europe, Budapest beckons travelers and business people alike. Sitting on the River Danube, this dazzling city of nearly two million deserves your rightful attention.

Hungarians cherish their capital as the prized splendor that it is. Delightful bridges, towering government buildings, and ostentatious church facades endlessly charm the senses. Homemade wine from countryside vineyards teases the palate. Hungarian foods such as goulash, stuffed cabbage, fish and sausages sit on tables worldwide while the exquisite red spice that is paprika has conquered the world. Desserts such as carnival doughnuts, rolled walnut cakes, and cherry strudel leave you both satisfied and pining for more. In the winter, mulled wine satisfies.

Hungarians are warm, relational people who desire to cater to the needs of the tourist, ease the burdens of the businessman, and share the luxuries of a modern European city with country splendor. When visiting Budapest you will find the locals to be interested in you and anxious to share the enchanting abundance of Hungarian cuisine and culture.

The history of Budapest is fascinating. There was once a city on a hill named Buda that was the governing seat of the region. Down the hill and across the Danube was a town named Pest that embodied local language, literature, and theater. In 1873 the cities found it advantageous to unify into one city, Budapest, brought about by the most recognizable feature of the city, the Chain Bridge.

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Luxury Holidays in India Offering Unique Cultural Interactions

India is fast climbing up the ladder as a favored global destination for travel and tourism. The major drivers of growth when it comes to tours to India have always been the history, heritage, culture, Ayurveda and Yoga. Whereas in the recent past the exotic appeal of the India drew the travelers from around the world to this incredible country, India as a one of the favored luxury holiday destination is a recent phenomenon.

Opening up of the economy and subsequent development led to the India’s rise in global economy. When it comes to travel and tourism industries, the effects of liberalization is now visible in the world class infrastructure, development of tourist destinations and presence of the renowned players in global hospitality industry. If the recently studies are anything to go by, luxury holidays in India is one of the fastest growing travel segment.

Luxury holidays nowadays have become synonymous with creating exclusive experiences at the destinations. There is a huge demand for unique cultural experiences among the new generation of tourists and what better destination to offer these insider experiences to the global nomads than “incredible India”.

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The Mexican Riviera – A Luxury Destination

Do you long for all the pleasures of an exotic South Seas vacation at a luxury resort but don’t have the time or energy for hours of flying time to the remote areas of the Pacific? Look no further than the unspoiled waters and coastline of western Mexico known as the Mexican Riviera. The Mexican Riviera is already a popular destination for cruise ships belonging to many of the cruise lines known for luxury travel. These luxury three to seven day cruises set out year round from the west coast of the U.S. and visit Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, plus the quaint ports of Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coastline.

While cruises to the Pacific coast of Mexico are one way to explore this lovely part of the world and soak up Pacific ambiance, savvy travelers are aware that the Mexican Riviera is quickly becoming one of world’s newest luxury travel destinations, as developers discover the scenic splendor of Mexico’s sandy beaches and ideal climate. Five-star resorts provide all the amenities a seasoned traveler desires and visitors can select from a variety of accommodations, from private oceanside villas and condos to eco-friendly resorts, whose architecture blends seamlessly into the landscape, leaving only a small footprint.

Upscale resorts along the Mexican Riviera offer sporting opportunities like tennis and private 18-hole golf courses, water-centered activities like dolphin watching, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling in tropical waters. For landlubbers, exploring via ATV or participating in an eco-tour of the surrounding landscape may be available as well. Naturally, these upscale resorts offer gourmet dining and other excellent services from fully-trained staff.

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